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Most small children experience physical or emotional problems.
Storybook combines the 
benefits of infant massage
with story-telling to 
create a special moment between
parent and 
child that not only improves health conditions,
but also greatly improves their relationship.


Most small children experience physical or emotional problems.  Storybook combines the benefits of infant massage with story-telling to create a special moment between parent and child that not only improves health conditions, but also greatly improves their relationship.

How does Storybook work?

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How do I know if Storybook will work for my child?

Most small children experience physical or emotional problems that can be easily treated using techniques that are available to everyone.
Hundreds of studies have shown that different kinds of physical affection and quality time given to any child will dramatically influence the development of self-esteem, healthy sleep patterns, and the regulation of emotions and energy.

Do I need previous or professional knowledge to perform Storybook massages on my child?

By no means! These massages have been designed to be very simple and do not require any previous training.They are not professional techniques. The aim is to create a bond between parents and children through the power of physical touch.

For what ages are these massages recommended?

They can be done on children from 3 months old and older. Children from 2 to 6 years old really enjoy them.

When should I refrain from massaging my child?

You should not massage your child when there are symptoms of illness, such as high temperature or vomiting.

Storybook is changing the lives

of thousands of parents!

Valentina’s dad

“In less than a week using Storybook I got my
daughter to sleep all night in her room”

Daniel’s mom

“I’ve never been good at creating habits in my
home. Since I started using Storybook, Daniel
and I have our routine before bed and I’m sure
that this has united us much more “

Ismael’s mom

“Storybook Helped me teach Ishmael respect
for his body and the body of other children. I
feel safer knowing that now he can identify
what is right and what is not “



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“Benefits of infant massage and storytelling to
create a special moment between parents and children”

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Share your Storybook

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