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Can Kids Get Massages? 6 Health Benefits of Massages for Kids

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Uncover the benefits and safety considerations of massage for children, empowering you to make informed decisions for their well-being.

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Discover the numerous benefits of infant massage, from strengthening child-parent attachment to relieving colic and promoting better sleep. Despite some massage establishments excluding minors, it's essential to note that massage is safe and recommended for babies and children. 

This ancient practice, rooted in cultures like Asia, has been proven beneficial and safe through scientific research. Don't just take our word for it – explore the links provided for more information on infant massage's proven safety and advantages.

Can kids get massages?

Yes, many massage establishments won’t massage minors. However, massage is safe for babies and children. Infant massage has been practiced for centuries in Asia and other parts of the world. 

Everyone can benefit from a massage, including infants, toddlers, and children. So, whether you are pregnant, have a newborn, toddler, or older child, they all can benefit from massage in different ways. 

💖Parent tip:
We recommend that if you opt for your child to receive massages, you personally acquire the skills to administer them. This approach will strengthen your bond with your baby.

Additionally, it's crucial to be aware of when it's appropriate to start these massages. Understanding 'What age can a child have a massage?' can provide valuable insights into the optimal timing for introducing this beneficial practice. 

"Across the study period of almost a year the massage group did better in many areas they also had somewhat better interactions with their infants at one year a better relationship which as you know's a big piece of infant massage there's no evidence to suggest that infant massage poses any harm."💡Infant Massage USA

When can a massage help your kid?

Massage can help kids at any point in their childhood, but it's handy between ages 8 and 16 when they're experiencing growth pains and discomfort.

During those times, their bones are growing like crazy, outpacing their muscles and other soft tissues. That's where a good massage comes in, easing the discomfort and helping them feel better.

6 proven benefits of incorporating infant massage

1. Helps keep your child's heart and breathing healthy 

Massage can further regulate the beating of your little one’s heart and respiratory system and increase muscle development. Massage has even been proven to promote brain growth. 

2. Improved digestion

Massage is also a great tool for your little one’s digestion, regardless of age. Abdominal massages for babies can help relieve colic and pass gas and improve digestion for all ages. 

❗ Warning tip:
They should be fed, but not too full. Never massage your baby or child if they exhibit symptoms such as vomiting or severe illness.

Babies and children’s digestive systems are not fully developed, so this can be a big help while their digestive systems mature.

👀 Note:
Some massages are good for congestion relief, headache, and other cold symptoms.

3. Promote the production of growth hormones

Massage can even promote the production of growth hormones which can help with weight gain. This can be especially important for premature babies and underweight babies and children.

💡 Tip:
It is also important to teach your child about consent and ask permission before giving them a massage.

4.  Massage reduces stress and anxiety

If your child is stressed, massage reduces stress and anxiety in part because it increases serotonin, the happy hormone. It can even contribute to the release of endorphins, so a face massage can even help with pain caused by teething.

5. Massages help your little one sleep better 

The reason why our massages help your little one sleep better is because massage also helps the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. 

💡 Parent tip:
Always make sure your child is in a comfortable position before a massage.

This, plus the higher serotonin levels, endorphins, and relaxed heart rate and breathing, will help your baby or child sleep faster and deeper.


6. Improve child-parent attachment

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"Infant massage classes shortly after birth reduce maternal depression and improve the mother-infant interactions to within the normal range in a recent study reemphasized the need to treat more than just the mother's depression in cases of postnatal depression."💡 Infant Massage USA

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