Reflexology, what is it?

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Most simply, reflexology is a type of massage where pressure is applied to different parts of the feet, hands or ears. It is believed these body parts are connected to different organs and bodily functions.
Reflexology is connected to the ancient Chinese belief in “qi” (or vital energy) that flows through each and every person. It is believed that touch sends energy flowing through the body until it reaches the place in need of healing. British scientists also concluded in the 1890’s that nerves connect to the skin as well as internal organs, so the entire nervous system will adjust or react to outside factors, including touch.Some of the benefits people have reported from reflexology include: reduced stress, anxiety, and pain, improved mood and general well-being, a boosted immune system, improved congestion and sinus issues, better digestion, and bodily pain. While there are few studies on reflexology, this massage technique has been around for hundreds of years and people report many benefits from its
Many parents naturally massage their baby’s hands and feet. Infant reflexology is also believed to offer many benefits for little ones. These benefits include: calming a cranky baby, better digestion and alleviation of stomach pains. Reflexology can further help with congestion issues or
teething pain.
Touch is important for babies and children’s (See: The Power of “Skin to Skin”) development. Reflexology is another way to achieve this needed touch better parent and child. While reflexology isn’t yet scientifically proven to work, it should not have any negative side effects when done correctly.
Remember to use firm but not too strong pressure depending on your child’s age. Also consider your child as an individual and never force your baby or child to do something which makes them uncomfortable, including forcing a massage.
Reflexology is a great form of massage and with Storybook you can learn reflexology techniques to try on your little one. So, get started today with reflexology and Storybook.
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