5 toys essential for your children to learn through play

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Unleash your child's imagination and foster their development with these 5 essential playtime companions.

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We know that children love to play, it’s a simple fact, and most of their time and energy is dedicated to it. As parents, we can focus some of those play sessions in a positive way for their learning and development.

My son, for example, loves toys and surely the same is true for many of your children. He loves to play with them, explore, invent new worlds and go everywhere with his favorite toys in tow.The toys that we buy our children affect their development exceedingly. If we promote their development with toys that can be fun and at the same time be an educational tool, we can achieve a positive stimulus in their education.What are the benefits of educational toys? They have several different qualities:
  • Stimulate cognitive development
  • Develop motor skills
  • Strengthen memory
  • Develop social interaction
  • Reinforce natural curiosity and desire to learn
  • Little Bits: Droid Inventor Kit
What could be better than joining a love of Star Wars with learning? Little Bits is a toy that kids of all ages will love. This Droid Inventor Kit lets you build your own R2-D2, as well as control it from a Bluetooth cellphone app. What is interesting about this is that the child will build his or her own toy and can be creative while personalizing different parts. It is also a beneficial starting point for children to come into direct contact with technology.Find it on www.amazon.com
  • Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit
Children (6 years and up) will learn, experiment and discover with this kit, from basic chemical reactions between included basic ingredients, as well as household items. There are more than 10 incredible experiments, such as a sunrise in a test tube, or a volcano with multicolored eruptions. This interesting toy gives children a fun, easy introduction to science.Find it on www.amazon.com
  • Cubetto Coding Toy by Primo Toys
In this day and age, there is a great interest in teaching children to code from an early age. This toy brings coding language off the screen and translates it to a didactic wooden tablet with cubes and panels that the small robot, Cubetto, can navigate. It is designed for children 3 years and up, and in a technical world such as ours it is important to not only consume digital content (such as Netflix, YouTube, apps, games, etc.) but to understand how it all works from the inside.Find it on www.amazon.com
  • Ktiki Three Sticks Maths Game
This competitive maths game is fun for the whole family. It introduces basic concepts of geometry through which your child will learn about the use of space and mathematics – a very effective way to develop his or her brain. The idea of this game is to use the sticks to make different geometrical shapes and the player who makes the most shapes wins. Encouraging play with the whole family is another way to teach your child as well as strengthen family bonds with entertaining activities.Find it on www.amazon.com
  • Picasso Tiles 60-piece set
A child’s imagination is unique, and with Picasso Tiles the sky’s the limit. These small magnetic pieces will be your children’s favorite tool for building incredible structures and architectural masterpieces. With its colorful triangle and square pieces, small children will learn to create basic geometric shapes, while older children can dedicate their time to perfecting amazing three-dimensional structures. This toy received the Global Educator Seal of Endorsement, which recognizes toys tried and tested in classrooms.

Find it on www.amazon.com

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